LIVE one-on-one help for lifelong learners.

What is the Adult Learning Center?
Dedicated to the unique needs of an adult population, the Adult Learning Center offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of services, including the GED prep, 24/7 Writing Lab, Live Tutoring, Skills Building, Career Resources, U.S. Citizenship Prep, Microsoft Office Essential Skills Series, and 24/7 Question Center.
Why do you have "Live Tutoring" and "Skills Building"
Live Tutoring allows learners the option to use our cutting-edge whiteboard technology to freely ask academic questions while Skills Building provides the opportunity for a structured session that focuses on specific academic skills. Both options utilize our field-tested database of lesson modules (including adult appropriate reading passages, supplemental exercises, and simulated test questions) to help users master key concepts. With Skills Building, sessions run more sequentially and users often work through topics systematically.
What is the 24/7 Writing Lab? ?
The Adult Learning Center offers two types of writing assistance for business and personal needs: live assistance from expert writing tutors and the 24/7 Writing Lab. Our 24/7 Writing Lab is ideal when an extended analysis is required and the writing is more than 1-2 pages. Brainfuse 24/7 Writing Lab is designed to help users produce a better written work through targeted, structured feedback. Users submit documents through our secure file sharing portal and check for document return status on the personalized and secure Message Center.
When should I use the live writing assistance?
Use our live, writing assistance when there is a need for immediate help. Users may also want to connect with our writing tutors to work through the initial stages of the writing process, discuss writing strategies, or to brainstorm themes and topics.
What is Send Question?
Send Question is available for uses who have questions outside of regular service hours or need a more detailed explanation of a difficult question or concept. Like the 24/7 Writing Lab, users submit documents through our secure file sharing portal and check for document return status from the personalized, secure Message Center.